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Interior Tropical Gardens staff distributing 5,000 plants on the streets in downtown Chicago in a matter of hours!

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Participants in National Indoor Plant Week are a dedicated group of people who are committed to the value of live indoor plants.

Everyone and Anyone Can Celebrate National Indoor Plant Week!

The goal is to be a nation-wide effort to increase awareness of the value of plants.The enthusiasm and excitement for this annual event is tremendous. New participants are signing on daily.

Join us today -- just sign in on the Contact Us page!

There is no fee.
The investment can be minimal to whatever you want to make it!
The rewards can be enormous!

Third week in September.

What is National Indoor Plant Week? It's a Celebration!!!
National Indoor Plant Week was established to increase public awareness of the importance of indoor plants and their many attributes. Only some of which include cleaning the air we breathe...we like to say, "The oxygen doesn't arrive until the plants arrive.” Statistics have proven that indoor plants increase morale in the workplace and homes. The plant is such a miraculous living thing.

Real life office studies have been conducted to measure the direct relationship between clinical health, complaints and plant installations. Recorded health improvements in offices where interior plants were added were significant. Results show a large reduction among employees in the areas of fatigue, headache, coughs and their overall well-being rose dramatically.

Further, numerous studies have shown that plants have a positive psychological impact on people. According to a recent study, employees exposed to interior plant settings demonstrated better attitudes, positive emotions such as happiness, friendliness and assertiveness.

You Can Play A Role In This Effort!
Interiorscapers -- It's as easy as setting up a table in the lobby of a major building that you already service. Give away small plants along with information about the plant and how it helps clean the air. When people take their free plant back to their office it starts all kinds of excitement...where did you get that? Soon you will find others flocking to your table to find out about why you are there and to learn about the importance of interior plants.

Greenhouses -- Use available literature to educate all of your clients on how GREAT indoor plants are for our health. You can mention on your marquee about coming in to get some indoor plants for your home and help us Celebrate National Indoor Plant Week!! Have a display with the top 10 plants that removed volatile chemicals from the air, along with a small gift plant -- truly the ideas are endless!

Florists -- Just think, literature attached to every order that goes out the door!!

...We're Celebrating National Indoor Plant Week....Remember a friend with an indoor plant, a living air cleaner."

These are just a few examples of ways to really sell more plants and join the national effort to increase awareness of the value of indoor plants.

National Indoor Plant Week is a week-long celebration of the perfect indoor air cleaner.
Annually celebrated the third week in September, it was established to promote and increase public awareness of the importance of live plants in interior spaces.


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